Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose my student?

Yes, you get to choose your student from multiple different profiles. You have the choice of hosting a boy or a girl and can choose your student based on different hobbies and interests that you think fit with those of your family.

Can we host a student if we're not a typical family?

Host families can be couples without children, couples with children that are in High School or younger, single parents, with/without children in the home, adoptive parents, or same sex couples.

Where will my student sleep?

Your student may have his/her own room or may share a room with a child of the same gender (within a reasonable age of the student). Students must have their own bed.

Do the students have medical insurance?

Yes. Each student comes with his/her own medical insurance as well as an insurance card. This will not cover vision or dental unless it is an emergency.

How will my student get to and from school?

Your student can either walk, ride a bike, be driven to school by a family member or a friend with a driver’s license, or take the bus.

Are the students allowed to participate in after school activities?

Absolutely! The students are encouraged to join sports, clubs, and organizations to enhance their experience while living in America.

Are the students allowed to drive?

The students are not allowed to drive any vehicles while they are on the exchange program. They are, however, allowed to take a Driver’s Education class as long as they do the driving portion with a licensed, certified, and insured instructor.

How long is the student’s stay?

Students arrive in August for the 10-month full academic year and for the 5-month fall semester program, or in January for the 5-month spring semester program.

May I host 2 students?

Yes! As long as the two students are of different nationalities and/or native language, you may qualify for double-placements.